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Text Box: Phone:   082 4450714
Fax:  086 5154089
Email: info@chromspec.co.za / sales@chromspec.co.za 
Text Box: Chromspec has been in the chromatography supplies business since 1992: a total of 24 years.
We are an Accredited Distributor for ALL the products we supply.  We do not supply products through a “middle man” - all products are sourced direct from the manufacturer.
We are now SOLE accredited South African agent for Scion GC and SQ GC/MS.
We are also the agent for Bruker EVOQ TQ GC/MS, and EVOQ TQ LC/MS.
We offer EST GC and GC/MS Autosamplers, designed to fit any make of GC or GC/MS
CDS is our supplier of Pyrolysis and Purge-and-Trap instruments.    
We sell a low-cost range of GC’s from SRI including the NEW Cannabis Oil GC 
We offer lab gas generators from  SRI.
We have recently re-aligned our consumable/accessory lines, and can now offer an exciting and well-priced range of GC & GC/MS accessories from:
All these suppliers have an excellent track record for quality and price, and we are really excited to be able to offer their products in South Africa.
Check our suppliers’ extensive ranges of products on our  Product Details page.

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