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CDS 6200 Pyroprobe

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CDS Model 6200 Pyroprobe

 The 6th Generation CDS Model 6200 Pyroprobe adds in an analytical trap to enable collecting analytes using slow rate pyrolysis. The built-in trap also expands the capability to use a reactant gas (like oxygen and air), and perform thermal desorption on sorbent tubes or larger samples.

 The 6200 permits direct pyrolysis to the GC in GC carrier gas.  It has the industry leading user interface through a high resolution 4.5" touch screen. 

 The newly designed valve oven guarantees the sample path is evenly heated without cold spots. A heating temperature of 350 C assures minimum carry over. 

 The built-in leak check feature allows you to carry out the pyrolysis studies with peace of mind. The self diagnosis capabilities to identify the leaking zones when attempting to trouble shoot the system. 

 The newly designed GC remote start board is capable to handle all GC start signals from any GC system in the world, including the newly released Agilent 7890 and Thermo 1310. 

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Chromspec 2020

CDS Analytical released the first commercial analytical pyrolyzer (Model 100) in late 60s, and has been proudly making world's best pyrolyzers for over 50 years. Our products have evolved through 6 generations and represent the industries highest standard.  

CDS pyrolyzers can be used in universities, forensic labs, labs, government settings, and more for all your polymer research needs. They are also compatible with all major brands of GC/MS including: Agilent, Bruker, Thermo, PerkinElmer, and Shimadzu.

Pyroprobe Series

Thermal Desorption SERIES

Thermal desorption encompasses two primary functions: sample collection/concentration and transfer to a detector.

The use of adsorbents and large sample volumes to collect vapor phase compounds, (such as VOC's in air or residual components from solids), facilitates accurate analysis even when sample levels are very low.


The process is flexible and convenient. For example, an investigator equipped with a battery-powered sampler can quickly collect liters of air on a sorbent tube and bring it to the lab for analysis.

CDS Model 7550S Thermal Desorption Analyser

 The CDS 7550S is a stand-alone 72 position Thermal Desorption Autosampler which does not need a separate sample concentrator. Built on the 2nd generation autosampler platform, the CDS 7550S is capable of 3D positioning within 1 mm, and thanks to its unique custom calibration, it could handle 3.5" standard Thermal Desorption tube from any manufacturer. These features make CDS 7550 the most reliable Thermal Desorption autosampler available to the market. The 7550S adopts two focus modes as Pre-desorb and Pre-heat function for high humidity sample, and optional Peltier module for lighter compounds, to improve the resolution of early eluting peaks.

 The 7550S Thermal Desorption Autosampler has a built in focus trap and does not require a separate sample concentrator. 

 The autosampler can be configured to accommodate standard  1/4" x 3.5" TD tube from various manufacturers from its custom calibration interface

 The software is Windows 10 compatible and gives the user full access to method editor and sequence table.

 The automated leak check assures the system is air-tight before proceeding with the desorption of your sample. 

 The optical sensor detects the status of the TD tube on every step, both transporting to and from the heater oven.

 The robotic arm holds 1 mm X,Y,Z accuracy. The reliable gripping mechanism has the capability to handle both Pyrex glass and stainless steel tubes.

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CDS Stand-alone Model 7550S 72-position Thermal Desorption system

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