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Product Summary

ATR is useful for:


· Highest IR throughput

· Fully configurable - ZnSe, Diamond, Ge and Si crystal plates

· Temperature control options


(Optional sealed sample chamber for toxic or chemically aggressive samples)

The PIKE MIRacle™ is a universal ATR sampling accessory for analysis of solids, liquids, pastes, gels, and intractable materials. In its most popular configuration, it is a single reflection ATR accessory with high IR throughput which makes it ideal for sample identification and QA/QC applications. Easily changeable crystal plate design enables analysis of a broad spectrum of sample types while ensuring constant sampling pathlength. ATR crystals available are diamond/ZnSe, ZnSe, Ge, and Si. Advanced options include three reflection ATR crystal plates to optimize for lower concentration components and heating.

Pike MIRacle ATR  

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The AutoDiff is a high performance, automated diffuse reflectance accessory developed to analyze multiple samples with minimal user intervention. Typical applications include powdered pharmaceutical samples, high throughput forensic sampling, kidney stone analysis, soils and analysis of many other powdered samples where speed and efficiency are important. The design employs an automated R-theta sampling stage with positions for up to 60 samples, providing diffuse reflectance analysis with greatly reduced operator intervention and increased sample throughput.

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