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Product Summary

Why our SuperClean filters are “Simply the best”:


> They are fully made of glass & metal: no diffusion & no micro leaks

> Quick fit Baseplate: No tools required to exchange; replacement of Filter Cartridge in seconds without introducing contaminants into the system

> Easy-to-read indicators warn when a filter becomes saturated—allowing you enough time to order a replacement

> Helium & Hydrogen specific cartridges available: ready to use & operational within 15 minutes after installation

> Polymer shielding of glass filter: SAFETY

> All materials used are recyclable or renewable

> Every filter is managed by a unique serial number

Electronic Indicator Device
The Electronic Indicator Device progressively displays real-time filter status instead of a ‘last minute’ colour change from traditional indicators, allowing you to determine a more controlled replacement schedule for your installation to prevent unexpected downtime.

(Not included with filter; purchased separately)

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