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Product Summary

GC/MS Single Quad Systems

· Lens-free ion path

· Heated ion optics

· Extended dynamic Range

· Available in EI and CI, or EI only

· Uses Scion 436 or 456 GC

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Phone: 082 4450714 / 078 8429636

Fax: 086 5154089

Email: info@chromspec.co.za / sales@chromspec.co.za

Chromspec is the SOLE ACCREDITED SOUTH AFRICAN AGENT for Scion GC & GC/MS products


· Innovative PATENTED lens-free ion path delivers simplifies tuning

· Off axis source and detector increase sensitivity

· Active focusing Q0

· Dual filament source increases uptime

· Compound-based scanning software

· Two SCION sampler options are available, the 8400 and 8410. Each can be tailored to meet specific sampling needs and workloads. Third party sampler systems are easily integrated.

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  Scion Instruments are now offering a 5 Year Warranty on the turbo pump on all new GC/MS purchases, with immediate effect!
   The benefit to you?  For example, if a turbo pump fails in year 5, the cost would be around R250 000.    With this offer, you would get the replacement pump FREE.

Scion SQ GC/MS

The SCION (SQ) GC-MS is designed for today’s fast paced analytical laboratory. Innovative design features such as a Lens-Free ion path, heated ion optics and an Extended Dynamic Range (EDR) detector enable the SCION SQ to deliver accurate quantification and identification on a routine basis, even in complex matrices. As ions pass through a mass spectrometer a significant portion is lost every time they encounter a lens. Due to its unique design the SCION SQ doesn’t have any lenses thus increasing the sensitivity of the instrument by reducing ion losses. Another major advantage of having no lenses the source is the only part to clean, so you can spend more time analyzing samples and less time maintaining your instrument. The SQ is integrated with our SCION 436 or 456 GC as sole or as additional detector.