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Product Summary

Chromatography Software

· Works on any GC, GC or HPLC

· Full instrument automation & control

· Chromatography software for single instrument or multiple instrument networks

· Data analysis processing & reporting

· Search libraries available

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Phone: 082 4450714 / 078 8429636

Fax: 086 5154089

Email: info@chromspec.co.za / sales@chromspec.co.za

Chromspec is the ACCREDITED SOUTH AFRICAN AGENT for Chromperfect software

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 Available in various options:
Small Laboratory Edition (1-4 instruments)
Multi–Instrument Edition
Client Server Edition
As well as several specialised options such as:
… and others.
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Tired of learning multiple software packages on your GC’s and HPLC’s?

Still have an old GC in your lab that is no longer useable because the software is not compatible with modern versions of Windows?

Or the disks have been misplaced by someone over the years? 

Or the security dongle was taken by someone who thought they’d managed to find a flash disk?





Chromperfect is the answer—control and process data on all your instruments using ONE SOFTWARE PACKAGE!

Chromatography Data Acquisition Options  Available for all Chromperfect Chromatography Data Systems  Regardless of the make and model of your chromatography instrument or the size or layout of your laboratory - Chromperfect provides the most powerful, flexible and configurable data acquisition options available.Data Acquisition & Instrument Control Options Support for multiple different types and make of chromatography instrumentation on a single software platform.  The alternative chromatography software